Capture the Dodge Ball

Capture the Dodge Ball was a project for CS248 (Computer Graphics). It was a finalist in the CS 248 2000 Video Game Competition. A brief description:

Capture the Dodge Ball is a simple rendering of a physically realistic simulation of robots throwing balls at each other. Collisions between objects are predicted analytically rather than timestepped, producing precise times of collisions, which are themselves accurately modelled. For entertainment or a neat screensaver, set the computer to play both sides, and watch robots float around throwing dodge balls at each other endlessly.

Here is a screen shot:

Capture the Dodge Ball Screenshot

You can get a zip file with the executable and required textures here. It runs on Windows, requires OpenGL. You will also need GLUT 3.7. It was only tested on my own machine, so beware.

Here are the instructions.

Last modified 10 July 2016